Anteprima Salone del Mobile 2018

  • Marianna cannabis rocking chair made of hemp
  • Marianna cannabis rocking chair made of hemp

Marianna Rocking Chair

Marianna wants to break the aesthetic stereotypes that come to mind when you think of #cannabis
Made with materials derived from hemp in collaboration with Henry&Co. Design for Malina srl – Chairs is just the first session of our capsule collection.

Marianna shown during Salone del Mobile 2018 exhibition, wants to break the typical aesthetic stereotypes of #cannabis.

Malina has created together with Henry&Co. the Rocking Chair Marianna, to celebrate 45th year of activity and exalt its first love, wood.

The search for eco-sustainable materials derived from hemp is the basis of the project, supported by the European Union.

The structure of the product is made of oak wood and finishing with oil, the seat and the weaving of the backrest in hemp fabric. A pleasant combination of natural materials.

We want to use sustainable materials derived from hemp to increase the demand and give a real boost to the recovery of cultivation in Italy.

Hemp is a natural fiber that dyes and acts very much like cotton, but it is more sustainable, stronger even than linen, and lasts almost forever.